Just a final year Law Student trying to find a place with a balance between ethics and the Legal sector with years of stories that should be made into a book series but since I don’t want to dilute the stories or change half the details to avoid all manner liability, such books will remain out of the public domain.

Irony, sarcasm and twisted humour are encouraged and appreciated. Lack of respect of any sort, intentional arrogance and ignorance are considered disappointing.

Apparently I have a poker face and I can tell when someone isn’t comfortable

Also shy – not that anyone would be able to tell because I plow trough like a social butterfly. I like my alone time but I like being around people (only some) and I love to laugh. I appreciate the little things in life that most people don’t notice.

I lived in a war zone for a short while and it is pathetic compared to those who still live there that I seem to have some PTSD *shocker*. Not officially diagnosed because I never really put in the effort to get help. Diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I now know that this runs in the family.

You’ll mostly find my ramblings, lots of opinions, random stories, little bouts of advice that may be helpful to people in similar situations and things like that. I have a foul mouth so sorry to offend if it bothers anyone but I cannot tailor my thoughts to fit people. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy reading what I write.

I read and talk A LOT. I make jewellery and write poetry. 


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